Ordering Your Limited Edition Large Giclée Print

The following prints are available for purchase:

“Golden Escalante”
“Filigree from Eleven Dominos”
“Fleur d’Ellipse”
“Moroccan Half-Dominos”
“Peano Quartet”
“Platonic Dance”
“Blade Rainer”
“Pla(te Tec)tonic Dance”
“Golden Gnomon”
“Hepdragon Fire”

Each limited edition Giclée print is signed and numbered by the artist/discoverer, and unless otherwise noted available in three sizes:

Small (approximately 20-30 inches in the long dimension)
Medium (30-45 inches)
Large (45-70 inches, or custom).

All prints are unframed, using high-quality archival acid-free art paper.

Small prints are U.S. $256 each. Medium prints are $512.
Large prints are priced based on custom size, starting at $1024.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars. UPS Ground shipping/handling is typically around 30 dollars.
International shipping is available, but its cost is based on destination country and delivery speed.

We accept checks drawn on U.S. bank accounts.

Please inquire by email (prints (at) mathemaesthetics (dot) com) or by phone about availability.