Resorcerer 2.4.1 for Mac OS X and Classic OS 9 is now available!

If you are not yet a Resorcerer user, you can order a new copy here.

If you are a Resorcerer 2.4 registered user, a free updater to 2.4.1 is available here.

If you are a Resorcerer 2.2, 2.0, or earlier registered user, your upgrade to 2.4 is available directly from Mathemaesthetics. To order by credit card, just use our simple ordering program (runs on Mac only) available here on our website (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards only).

If you need to go through your corporate or institutional purchasing department, fax us your purchase order, and don't forget your registration number(s).

Pricing is a flat US $128 per upgrade.

Upon processing your order, we will ship you your CD containing both Classic and Mac OS X (carbonized) versions of Resorcerer 2.4.

What's New in Resorcerer 2.4.1?

What's New in Resorcerer 2.4?

For a much more complete discussion of these new features, see this SimpleText read-me file.

What's Missing in Resorcerer 2.4?

The carbonized version of Resorcerer 2.4 is missing some of the features available in the Classic version (however, we're shipping both). In particular, we are still working on new editors for the last few the older color graphic resource formats ('cicn' and 'ppat' resources). The free updater to version 2.4.1 installs the new 'crsr' editor. To edit 'cicn' and 'ppat' resources, you will have to run the Classic version of Resorcerer 2.4 in the Classic or Mac OS 9 environment.

The Carbonized version of Resorcerer no longer supports 68K resource display or filtering code resources. We've compiled in our own Showers and Filters, but third-party code resources will only continue to work in the Classic version of Resorcerer. We are working on a new architecture for supporting these types of extensibility.

Plug-in apprentices are similarly not yet working. Again, we have compiled all of our own into the Carbonized application, but third-party plug-ins (of which there are very few) will have to wait. So far nobody has complained.