Free Updaters for Classic and Carbon Resorcerer 2.4 Customers

Resorcerer 2.4.1 is now available!

If you are a Resorcerer 2.4 customer, you can download one or both updaters. These updaters operate on the clean 2.4 version of Resorcerer we shipped to you on your Resorcerer distribution CD.

IMPORTANT - The updater requires you to have the distribution CD mounted on your desktop.

There are two updaters. One updates the Classic version of Resorcerer 2.4 from your CD, the other updates the Carbon (OS X) version of Resorcerer 2.4 from your CD.

To download the Classic updater, click here.

To download the Carbon (OS X) updater, click here.

What's New and What's Fixed?

Resorcerer 2.4.1 is primarily a bug fix release, but there are several new features to sweeten the pot and give you an incentive to update now. It is also the first localized 2.4 version being released for the Japanese market.


Plus, a variety of smaller features and enhancements to the File, Dialog, Icon Suite, and Menu Editors. (The application now has a much nicer OS X application icon to ponder in the dock, too.)


Unfortunately, the process of porting Resorcerer to Carbon introduced a bunch of bugs. Since then, over three dozen reported bugs have been fixed.

The updater creates a 2.4.1 Read Me file with a complete list of fixes.

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