Customer Upgrades

Resorcerer 2.4 is now available!

If you are a registered user of any earlier version of Resorcerer, and you want to upgrade to 2.4, the upgrade is US $128 per copy. An updater to install 2.4.1 is also available here to install 2.4.1 from the 2.4 CD.

For domestic orders, shipping/handling is $4/copy.

For international orders, shipping/handling is $16/copy for AirMail.

To order your Resorcerer 2.4 upgrade from us by credit card, start here. You will need your serial number. This was usually written on the registration card you sent back to us. If you don't know the registration number, but you sent the card to us, we can look it up for you. Otherwise, we'll need some other proof of purchase.

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